sinfulslasher: (spn sam sticks out tongue)
sinfulslasher ([personal profile] sinfulslasher) wrote on November 7th, 2016 at 06:51 pm
Well, that was fast!
A few months ago, at a con... (paraphrased)

Fan: "Hey, Jensen, how did Jared react when he heard you and Daneel were going to have twins?"
Jensen: "He walked into the kitchen where Gen was and said, "Hey, honey, did you hear the news about the Ackles? They not only caught up to us, they passed us." (beat) "Get in the bedroom!"

Today, on Live With Kelly...

Jared: "I'm a father of two, about to be a father of three in March."

Can I just say I love how competitive Jared truly is. LOL! Congrats on the third Pada-Baby!
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