I figured it was high time to get organized and make a nifty li'l To Write List. So, here we go!

This is what I'll be working on in the near future. The list will be updated regularly, so feel free to check it occasionally!

Also, for everyone who friended me lately (probably because of my fanfics) - hellooo and welcome! :) Please note, however, that this is my personal journal. My fanfic can be found exclusively here: [ profile] gaby_fanfic I do post the occasional fic challenge/meme/whatever right here, but the actual prompt fills will only be posted on my fanfic journal, so please monitor/friend/become a member of [ profile] gaby_fanfic. Thanks! :)

ETA: I'm also slowly adding my stuff to AO3! You can find my fic here. :)

And now, without further ado, The List of Doom:

Fic Challenges/Exchanges:

Commissioned Fic:
* [ profile] help_haiti fic (minimum word count: 10K) for [ profile] morganslady and [ profile] sandhfan
    (ZOMG I CANNOT BELIEVE I STILL HAVEN'T WRITTEN THIS!!! *dies of embarrassment*)
* Sandy Relief fic (minimum word count: 3,500) for [ profile] cookielaura
Prompt: pending
* Nepal Earthquake fic (minimum word count: 2,500) for [ profile] elrhiarhodan
Prompt: More in the "Imprinted" 'verse.
* sequel to Wants and Needs for [ profile] angst_queen_98 (Teh Muses, they are not cooperating...)

Memes 'n Stuff:
*   Lucky 13 AU fics
*   monthly Unwritten Stories Meme fics
*   Fandom Hits Meme (Classic Rocks - Greatest Hits)

...and, since it doesn't fit anywhere else but does deserve a mention here because of the already written 85K or so:
* humongous rigid society Gibbs/Tony AU for [ profile] taylorgibbs (aka, Teh Plotbunneh That Ate My Brainz, damn you TG anyway!)
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