02 November 2016 @ 08:00 am
Originally posted by [ profile] jj1564 at Joss Whedon for World President! - Thank you for finding this gem, dear!

Chris Pine is my hero. ♥

Seriously though, I've had to work under people like this (sad but true). Do you seriously want someone like that to be in a position of power? Go vote. Save the US from great harm. Save the damn world from great harm!
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I mean, amoosed.

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10 July 2016 @ 07:15 pm
Seriously, I LOLed in RL and scared my cats.

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17 May 2016 @ 09:51 pm
Originally posted by [ profile] kanarek13 at Bohemian rapsody tribute...

This needs to be reposted because of its sheer brilliance! (And I need this on my own journal. I just do.)

12 November 2015 @ 08:20 pm

Seriously, they're making it sooo easy for us pervs fans!

Which is why we celebrate with...

Come and play! I've got drabbles brewing in my noggin'... (if only I didn't have that stupid deadline for the WC BB breathing down my neck! *despairs*)
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07 September 2014 @ 12:30 pm
I dunno which is better: emo!Jensen or wig!Jared.

Either way, thank you so much, Misha, for making my day. ♥

Most of you will probably be surprised that I'm posting something Supernatural-related (well, kinda sorta) but hey, I like(d) the show a lot, J2 are adorkable and cute, and even though I'm not a fan of Cas, I ♥ Misha Collins for being, well, Misha Collins.

So I knew he'd do something awesometastic when he was challenged to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. And boy, did he deliver!

And my lovable big moose did his share as well. :D

Hee!!! Ice in the crotch!

Love that Jensen did the honor. Though he looked entirely too pleased with himself. That evil chuckle! He had way too much fun dumping that ice water on Jared. I so cannot wait to see him getting drenched!

(On a somewhat related note: why hasn't Zachary Quinto done the challenge yet?! Matty nominated him. *grumbles*)
19 August 2014 @ 08:10 am
Even though Matty didn't challenge him, other folks apparently did, and Tim was a good sport and took the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Unfortunately, I can't embed Instagram vids, so you're gonna have to actually click a link. *g*

Go here for wet!Tim: YAY!
16 August 2014 @ 07:27 am
And for a good cause, too!!!

Matty got challenged to take part in the Project "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge", which means he had 24 hours to drench himself in ice water...and he accepted (apparently very happily).

The fact that he enlisted the help of his sons increases the adorable factor by about a gajillion. ♥

I love seeing so many celebs being part of this. My Twitter feed is exploding. :) And while I really am looking forward to seeing Mark Ruffalo, Joe Manganiello and Zack Quinto doing this next (at least they'd better accept Matty's challenge!), I'm also kinda saddened that Matty didn't challenge Tim. *g* Oh well. So, blame Matt Bomer for less half nekkid and wet Tim DeKay in this world.

On a more serious note, if you want to do something to help (and stay dry while you're at it), why not donate?

If you'd like to know more about the whole Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon, have a look at this Huff Post article.
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Thank you so much, [ profile] angelita26, for sharing the link!

If Mark and Matt don't get Emmys for this, I' very upset.

I swear this is exactly what happens about once a day.

And I have two cats.
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Matty was at SXSW a few days ago to promote "Space Station 76" (and ZOMG, I cannot wait to see that movie!), and during one of the many wonderful interviews he gave, he kinda sorta spilled the potential beans about the future of White Collar.

Here's the link to the interview vid:

At the very end, when asked about upcoming projects, he mentions "The Normal Heart", of course, and then (direct quote):

"I have the last season of White Collar, and I start filming probably this summer."

Which tells me that
1. S6 is the last season (no 7 seasons, as everyone hoped at one time)
2. it's a season (13 eps?), not a mini-series or a TV movie
3. the "probably" was in reference to when they are filming, not if they are filming (meaning, S6 is a definite go, we just don't know when it'll happen)

I personally have always been convinced that there would be another season, and the lack of news until now didn't so much worry as frustrate me. I do believe USA won't officially announce the renewal until they know a definite shooting schedule (which, by the way, will coincide with me leaving New York, I'm sure... *shakes fist in frustration*).

Anyway. Food for thought. Reason for hope. Please continue to keep your fingers crossed, click your heels three times, and stick needles into your personal Jeff Eastin voodoo doll (optional).
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10 March 2014 @ 07:31 am
My heart = smashed into a million pieces!!!

Oh my, Matty.

Cannot wait to see this movie!
26 December 2013 @ 04:27 pm
Dammit! I meant to post this yesterday, but things got a little hectic. *shakes fist at RL*

So, slightly late but with love, heeeere's Johnny! Matty! :D

(I know most folks will know this one already, but I ♥ this vid so much, and I ♥ Matt's Texas twang, and I really dig that turtleneck (not) that I just had to post it. Again.)

*goes back to writing Ficmas stories*
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18 February 2013 @ 06:41 pm
I may have actually flailed to death watching this a bajillion times.


Best. Bromance. Ever. (And not just on the show. \o/)

(I will never be able to listen to The World's Most Horrific Song Ever (TM) without thinking of them now. This is, by the way, a Good Thing. Because their rendition is made of awesomesauce!)
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