08 September 2016 @ 09:00 pm

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

You're welcome.
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09 June 2014 @ 09:15 am
Two gorgeous men in tuxes (and matching glasses!):


[ profile] rabidchild must have had a serious flailing attack last night. *g*

(Is it just me? I keep waiting for them to whip their glasses off, don their capes and turn into Superman.)

Added plus: Neil Patrick Harris and Bryan Cranston won a Tony each! :D (wish I could see Hedwig live *sadface*)
27 November 2013 @ 08:43 pm
[ profile] elrhiarhodan is made of awesomecake with ZOMG-icing.

Just so you know.

That is all.

(Oh, you wanna know why? Because she made me this icon. *points* YUM!)

(If anyone feels inspired and wants to write back alley dirty sex PWP ficlets, I won't stop ya.)

(You know, just puttin' it out there...)

Thank you, Elr!!! :D :D :D
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